Here are some examples of elective offerings:

•Sign Language
•Wonderful Writing
•Hip Hop Dance
•Super Science
•Arts and Crafts
•School Newspaper


One of the most unique aspects of Corridor’s curriculum is the electives offered to all students grades 1-5. From 1:15 p.m. until 2:15 p.m., each Monday through Thursday, students rotate through two or three different elective sessions. What makes this so special is that the students get to CHOOSEwhich electives they would like to participate in. Before each 3-4 week elective session, a note is sent home informing students of their choices. Students choose which electives they would most like to join for each of the 3 sessions. Sign-ups are held in individual classrooms, and while every student doesn’t always get every elective he or she desires, most students get at least one of their first choices.

Corridor teachers choose which subjects they would like to teach for each elective period.  During holiday periods, at least one elective is centered around that holiday. There are a wide array of options through a given school year, covering content all content areas, and some special interests and skills of our talented staff members.